1. Gypsum or plaster stone.
  2. Plaster, as for lining the interior of flues, or for stuccowork.
    • 1952: The surface of the parget might be finished either smooth, with a coat of whitewash, or as rough-cast with sand or small stones. — L.F. Salzman, Building in England, p. 191.
  3. Paint, especially for the face. [Obs.]

6 letters in word "parget": A E G P R T.

No anagrams for parget found in this word list.

Words found within parget:

ae ag age ager ape aper apert apt apter ar are areg aret art at ate ea ear eat er era erg et eta gae gap gape gaper gar gare gart gat gate gater gear geat get geta grape grat grate great pa page pager par pare parge part pat pate pater pe pea peag pear peart peat peg per pert pet petar prat prate pre rag rage rap rape rapt rat rate re reap reg rep ret retag ta tae tag tap tape taper tar tare targe tarp te tea tear teg tepa terga trap trape